Contexto Legal AREAS OF ACTION IN  Valencia

Our main areas of deployment

Below we explain all the areas of action that Contexto Legal covers in our Valencia's office. Each one of them is carried by one of our professionals specialized in this matter.

Law is a very complex world that, in turn, is divided into different branches. Knowing them all is very complicated, but it is true that in our firm we cover a large part of them. This, in turn, allows us to provide better and more specialized customer service.

If there is something common to all these specialties, it is that in all of them we offer advice, we resolve any doubt that the client has and we will defend him when necessary.

Work Law

  • Human Resources: Personnel management, study and formalization of hiring, study and formalization of dismissals, personal meetings, personal studies, permanent advice on labor and Social Security matters, report and drafting of professional offenses and sanctions, Communication management in matters labor company-worker, Senior Management Contracts, etc.
  • Verbal Consultations
  • Registrations, cancellations and variations of Social Security data.
  • Preparation of salary payment receipts (payroll); Lists of Costs; Bank payment files; List of working days. Template profitability study.
  • Study and preparation of contribution bulletins to the General Social Security Regime; Study and processing of deferred payment to the TGSS System.
  • Processing parts of and medical leave for Temporary Disability and Work Accident.
  • Registration of companies in Social Security: Registration, Cancellation, Variations, Communication transfer address.
  • Study and Processing of benefits: sick leave, incapacity, invalidity, grade review, maternity/paternity, retirement, SOVI, Widowhood, Orphanage, etc.
  • Labor Inspection: Visit Books and Representation Acts.
  • Employment Regulation Files.
  • Equality plans.
  • Work calendar.
  • Advice and processing of documents in application for grants, loans and other economic aid provided.
  • Affiliation to the Special Regime:
  1. Self-employed: Registrations, Cancellations, Variations. Study and processing of deferred payment of installments.
  2. Domestic Employees: High, Low, Variations.
  3. Agrarian Regime.
  4. Study and processing of Special Agreement.
  • Drafting of briefs of Allegations or Statements of discharges before Provincial Organizations in any kind of files.
  • Ordinary Appeal and Prior Claim before Provincial Bodies of the Ministry of Labor and Social Security and Autonomous Councils.
  • Request for reports to the National Institute of Social Security.
  • Drafting and presentation of the conciliation ballot or prior claim before the Mediation, Arbitration and Conciliation Service (SMAC): Representation and/or assistance in the Conciliation Act.
  • Processing before the Salary Guarantee Fund.
  • Preparation and Presentation of Personal Income Tax Forms before the Tax Agency (quarterly and annually).
  • Preparation Model Personal Income Tax Variation.

Fiscal and accounting law

  • Procedures and representation before the Tax Agency.
  • Preparation and VAT Presentation. Self-assessment.
  • Preparation and VAT Presentation. Annual Summary Statement. Preparation and Presentation Annual Informative Declaration of operations with third parties.
  • Preparation and Presentation Corporate Tax and Non-Resident Income Tax.
  • Preparation and VAT Presentation. summary statement of intra-Community transactions.
  • Preparation and Presentation of Withholdings and deposits on account. Income or income from the lease or sublease of urban property.
  • Preparation and Presentation of the installment payment model for Entrepreneurs and Professionals.
  • Preparation and Presentation Withholdings and deposits on account of certain income from movable capital. Withholdings and deposits on account of certain income. Annual summary.
  • Preparation and Presentation of income documents or return of the Declaration of the Tax on the Income of Physical Persons.
  • Preparation and Presentation of Corporate Tax.
  • Census Declarations: Registrations, Cancellations and Variation.
  • Attention and representation of Requirements of the Tax Agency.
  • Company accounting: registration of Accounting Entries and Closings; Preparation and Presentation of Accounting Books and Annual Accounts.

Judicial Law

In your dealings with Contexto Legal, you will have at your disposal specialized lawyers with recognized professional experience who will provide you with comprehensive and personalized advice, responding to the most demanding expectations.

  • Assistance and legal support in all kinds of procedures: ordinary, verbal, payment orders, foreign exchange, procedures before the Administration or Conciliation and Mediation Bodies, etc.
  • Comprehensive advice and legal assistance in all areas: Social (labour), Criminal, Civil: Family Law, Contracts, Inheritance, etc., Commercial, Contentious-Administrative, International, Fiscal and Tax Law.
  • Study and judicial representation of bank claims, preferential claims, undue commissions and other claims.
  • Representation and Negotiation with Company Committee, Union and Labor Agreement.
  • Comprehensive civil advice.
  • Criminal issues.
  • Collective Bargaining, Mediation and Labor Arbitration.
  • Collective Conflicts and Employment Regulation Files.
  • Assistance in Union Election processes.
  • Faults and Sanctions, Dismissals and Claims for amounts owed, Disability Benefits, Disability, Retirement, etc.
  • Advice on Prevention of Occupational Risks.

International Law

From Contexto Legal we put at your disposal Lawyers specialized in International Law, with specialized training in several countries and an extensive curriculum that includes publications in prestigious international journals, and who can attend to your queries in both Spanish and English.

  • Preparation and review of international contracts.
  • Assistance and legal support in all types of international legal proceedings, including international arbitrations and legal proceedings before non-jurisdictional international organizations.
  • International negotiations.
  • Internationalization plans for companies.

Civil, Mercantile and Criminal Law

  • Preparation of contracts.
  • Contract claims.
  • Real rights.
  • Succession laws.
  • Registers
  • Intellectual and Industrial Property.
  • Preparation of meetings and books.
  • Due Diligence.
  • Legal compliance.
  • Creation of companies.
  • Insolvency proceedings and liquidation of commercial companies.

Other services

  • Feasibility plans and business strategy.
  • Support programs for the public promotion of projects.
  • Grants and subsidies.