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In our firm you will find all of the aid we need. In Contexto Legal, you will find the correct specialists for all of your legal complications.

Over time, the presence of a lawyer is more often made indispensable. Business and institutuinal growth alike lay a large role in this. Increasingly often clients want expertise in a specific subject area, and our office is tailored to the needs of each and every one of them. In Contexto Geal, each of our clients is treated as an indivdual, alway placing their interests in the forefront.We always work to acomplish mid and long term strategies.

In Contexto Legal we seek solutions to these problems. When a customer consults us we aim to return that trust with an answer that satisfies him as far as possible at both a professional and personal level.

We are a competent and professional practice. Our experience in this area, of over 40 years, is one of our strengths. Not only do we have all of the knowledge required, but our experience allows us to easily guide our clients.

Meet us and learn how we work. Our specialties are work law, judicial law, fiscal law and international law, amongst others.

How can we help you? Contact us. All of our contact information can be found in our Contact section. We consult both for people and businesses.

Multidisciplinary team

Meet us. We are Contexto Legal.

Miguel Ángel Martínez Badenes, CEO of Contexto Legal, is an ICAV lawyer with ample courtroom experience. He has taken numerous specilization courses in both work law, judicial law and internatinal law. He has a master in work law consultancy and has taken sever specialization courses in european and international law in Venice and Amsterdam. He is a founding member of Internacional Work Association CIELO. He has participated in multiple conferences, giving talks in Spain, Italy and Portugal. Likewise, he has written for several internationally prestigious publications, and has contributed to the elaboration of several local, national and international publications. He earned the 2017 ntional Aegi award to the bet intiative and good practices in intelectual and industrial property. He used to be a professor of International Public Law in the University of Valencia, and is currently a doctoral candidate in said university.

Our Team

In Contexto Legal we work witha multidisiplinary team of lawyers, labour experts, economists, business experts and other professionals. This allows us to cover all areas of Law and, therefore, offer a complete service to our clients.

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Tell us. We can offer you a legal, real and coherent answer to your problem.

Trusting us means gaining a team of profesionals with a long trajectory. Therefore, we encourage you to confide your every professional need to our specialized team of professionals.

Do not hesitate in contacting us whenever you see fit. We are here to assist you, You can find us in our contact section.